As with all of your precious jewellery, in order to ensure your MION pieces last for as long as they have been lovingly intended, a certain level of care from you the owner will be necessary.

Diamond Engagement Ring

One of the hardest materials on Earth, is the diamond. In spite of this, your diamond must be treated with care as damage could still be caused by a hard blow. 

  • Remove your diamond jewellery before working with household chemicals like cleansers and hairsprays.

A diamond engagement ring can be damaged by doing everyday activities like gardening and doing dishes.

  • Remove your ring and other diamond jewellery before any activities that could cause damage, and store in a safe place.
  • Regularly check that the setting is securely holding the diamond in place.

To Clean Your Diamond 

Fill a bowl with warm water and add a small amount of ammonia-based glass cleaner around 1 part cleaner to six parts water (NEVER use chlorine based cleaners because they might chemically react with some jewellery metals) and sit your diamond jewellery in the bowl for 5 minutes. Then take a very soft bristled toothbrush, and it must be a soft one, and gently brush in and around your diamonds, taking care to ensure no bristles get caught as they can loosen certain settings.

To Clean Your Gemstones

For all other gemstones, a bowl of warm soapy water, again as long as the soap is not chlorine based, using a soft bristled brush, softly brush your jewellery to bring your stones back to their original sparkling state.

To Clean Your Precious Metals

With the right care, your platinum, gold or silver jewellery will last a lifetime. As mentioned in previous paragraphs, exposure to chlorine and other household chemicals should be avoided and all jewellery should be removed before cleaning the house or gardening.

  • Ensuring your jewellery is kept in a soft pouch will help avoid scratches. 

To Clean Your Platinum

Over time, Platinum gains a characteristic Patina, a thin layer that variously forms on the surface of some metals often produced by oxidation. Your Platinum jewellery can be polished to bring back the smooth look your jewellery had when it was new - some people actually like the patina because it makes the diamond appear even more sparkly by contrast. 

  • Platinum can be cleaned as above with a bowl of warm soapy (non-chlorine based) water and a soft brush, or can be cleaned and polished during the ring's 6 month service, or at any jewellers to bring back the sheen.

To Clean Your Gold

Gold doesn't really need a special polish. A bowl of warm soapy (non-chlorine based) water and a soft brush will clean any built up dirt on the gold, and then using a soft polishing cloth from a company like 'Talk of The Town' can help bring back it's beautiful shine. Deeper scratches are usually easily filed away and polished, and can be done by most jewellers.

White Gold is usually plated with Rhodium to enhance it's whiteness. Rhodium is a hard shiny white metal. Over time Rhodium may wear off. MION does not generally plate our jewellery as we prefer to work with pure materials, however if the client has a special preference for White Gold with a Rhodium plate, we can provide this as a service.

To Clean Your Silver

The best way to keep your silver clean is by wearing it often, however if your silver becomes tarnished, it is easily removed when it becomes first visible using a soft silver polishing cloth. These are readily available from 'Talk of the Town' or any other reputable silver cleaning cloth supplier.

Customer Services

Ring Sizing

If your MION ring does not fit, we will resize it up to two half sizes up or down for a standard charge depending on the material and stone positions.

  • Platinum - £130.00 due to laser welding requirements
  • Gold - £80
  • White Gold - £80 + £40 re-rhodium plating

Please contact our Diamond and Jewellery consultant at to discuss/coordinate.

Cleaning and Servicing Your Diamond Ring

We recommend having your diamond ring professionally cleaned and inspected once every 6 months, or if it undergoes any trauma such as being dropped or hit against a hard surface. These inspections help prevent the loss of your diamond in the event your ring has been inadvertently damaged. MION provides this service free of charge to our customers, please contact us at when you would like to use this service.