As well as helping people to feel and look fabulous, helping them celebrate important milestones through the gift of a bespoke piece of my jewellery, has been a hugely rewarding part of this job.

Jewellery designing and manufacture is not only my passion, but my therapy and I've been so glad to have it to focus on during this pandemic year. Seeing my clients delighted with my designs and returning for more is the best feeling.

So where did the jewellery addiction start?

Well, it was my mum’s wooden jewellery box my Grandad had made for her. With a velvet lined tray containing a little Silver birdcage necklace and a crystal heart with two painted roses on the back, it held my fascination as a typical little girl who liked sparkly things. The birdcage, perfectly detailed with the tiniest Silver bird and food bowl suspended inside, I coveted from as far back as I can remember.


Inspired by geometric forms and micro-structures found in our natural and man-made environment, my signature style carries an art/minimalist vibe.
My work is made from hand-rolled, cut and formed solid
recycled Eco-silver and  recycled 9ct yellow Gold wire and sheet, mixing highly polished elements with blackened-oxidised to give timeless colour and style contrast.
I am proud to say that the precious metals used in all my work is solid, nothing is plated or filled, and therefore 100% recyclable and made to last.

My aim is to have all my packaging fully recyclable by end of 2021, I'm 95% there!



The feeling of home and the connection people have to one another sits at the core of the MION brand. You give gifts to people you love, and you buy MION pieces for people you REALLY love (and yourself of course)

Jewellery often has powerful meanings and symbolism that goes beyond any other kind of gift and I am privileged to be involved in the process of designing and creating your treasures.


A valuable commodity, completely necessary in order for me to reflect and express what we both find beautiful or need to communicate in the world. Design is the best material of choice.


All of my work is made with love, whether it be from the collection or bespoke. Love of the materials, the design process, the creating process, meeting new people and hearing their stories. I love making clients happy.


To always be kind, to offer solutions to problems and to never take things for granted. I am grateful for every like-minded, kind connection and friendship gained over the years, and am lucky to be considered a friend to many clients along the way. 


As we all begin to take more responsibility for our beautiful planet, that includes MION.

  • All packaging is kept simple, light, elegant and recyclable wherever possible.
  • All pieces are made from solid precious metals, with recycled Eco-silver and Gold being used wherever possible, there are no plastics, enamels or resins used in MION's designs so everything can be recycled again and will never need to become landfill.


All gemstones and Diamonds used are of an excellent standard, they are certified, responsibly and ethically sourced from a reputable stone dealer.

MION has committed to donating 5% from every sale from the BIOTECTURE collection to a well known organisation that is actively doing good for the Earth, and will change each year to ensure a balanced contribution and will help you feel even better about your purchases too!


The destruction of worldwide rainforests for Palm Oil is having a devastating effect. WWF are working hard to get key UK brands to take responsibility for sourcing and using 100% certified, sustainable palm oil in their products.

WWF remains one of MION's chosen organisations to support in 2021. If you'd like to know more about the Palm Oil issue, follow these links below:



Silver Circles for Scottish Women's Aid 

Since the first lockdown for the Coronavirus Pandemic began, I have been working on a Silver Circles for Scottish Women's Aid initiative.

The Silver Circles campaign kept me busy during a very quiet period of work and I'm delighted to say that through the sale of my little Silver Circle Earrings, enough funds were raised for several emergency bundles to be used by Scottish women and children fleeing domestic violence during 2020.

I plan to continue supporting this important resource in 2021.

For info on how this amazing organisation supports abuse victims visit: https://womensaid.scot/

For more, follow me www.instagram.com/mionjewellerydesign